20 Friends You Must Have…

Friends are known as Fun and happiness. I love this quote from Helen Keller “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” And we are lucky to have few handful friends around us who make our life way more colorful. No matter how weird they are but still they are rainbow in your rains. With my own experience today I am going to share 20 must have friends.

01-Miss Perfect

No matter what phase of life she’s going through but she always appears best. Her waistline is always perfect 26”, her Jawline is well defined and she gave you complex every time she’s around you.

02-Carefree Soul

This friend is total fun and sometimes headache too. But she enjoys everything and makes it look cool.

03-Miss So-Called Practical

She thinks she’s practical but whenever she gets a heartbreak, she will come running to you like a kid.

04-Guiding Tube Light

She thinks you always need her; she’s going to guide you, advise you with her expertise, you may pretend like you listening to her but you actually waiting for her to shut the mouth. But she’s the one who going to listen to you when you want someone.

05-Miss Trouble

She always calls you when she’s in trouble and you are her rescue team. You feel so embarrassed with her all actions but you still you like her.

06-Trust Issue Dame

She doesn’t trust anybody. She warns you before doing everything and she makes you realize that world is a horrible place to live.

07-Fighter Fox

She’s always up for a fight. You call it a catfight or some random boys teased you. It’s her responsibility to take care of you.

08-The Secret Holder

This friend knows you inside out. You know your dignity is safe in her hands.

09 – Miss-Unsatisfied

Yes, she always nags about her look. She’s never satisfied and even a single comment makes her sleepless all night long. She’s going to call you and will tell you about her blackheads for good 30 minutes.

10- Gossip Girl

She knows everyone and knows about everyone, she has an answer of the entire questions. Who does what, who wear what, what new in town, and celeb news….she’s your live newspaper.

11-Partner in Crime

No matter what you do, she’s always by your side. Whether you are right or you’re completely insane, this friend is 50% partner of your all acts.

12-Party Girl

90% of parties you have attended so far is because she almost blackmailed you and dragged you in the party. She’s the life of every party.

13-Naughty with Hottie

All girls hate her because she got the best guy. Almost half of the girls think they deserve that hottie but she got him, even you get jealous sometimes but you still stick around to listen to all hot spicy stories of their weekend.

14-Crazy Freak Fun

She can drive you nuts and can embarrass you in public with her freak acts. Sometimes you feel like killing her but without her, a big portion of the day to day fun is missing.

15-Shopping Hulk

She’s brand conscious, from Gucci to Prada. Her closet is full of clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, make-up etc. You love visiting her because she always has something new to show you.

16-Miss no Fat

She can eat a while chicken pizza every day but still ,she’s fit and hot.

17-Depressed Doll

It takes an hour to convince her to show her teeth. She’s in depression for no good reason or may be reason has gone.

18-The Future Planner

No matter what you doing, she will plan everything in advance and she tries to keep things in that way only. She just met a guy week ago and she has already decided the baby’s name. She gets easily hurt because very rarely her future meets the present.

19 – Naïve Girl

She doesn’t understand all that non-veg chat, even she thinks the guy didn’t pass on her, it’s just he got something in his eyes. She keeps asking her parents about small things.

20-Guy Friend for every girl

You know sometimes you need a guy just to stay with you because all girlfriends can be jealous of you but your guy friend will stay with you as it is.

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Ankita Anand:
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