Love….. Reality or Myth, who knows, heavy word, I am sitting in my bedroom all cozy with tea in my one hand and God knows what another hand and my mind are playing with…..nothing dirty. You know life is such a roller coaster. With all those boys/men who came and left or stayed, I have had some good experience along the way. So, come on, be my buddy and grab a drink while I tell you all about some very loving, exciting, dangerous and unheard drama. You are going to meet 5 men, I am glad I met these guys; otherwise, this story would not be happening today. Let’s go:


Jay – First Love –

I was in school and he was my senior. It was silent but very obvious kind of love. And yes I was a virgin with all fantasies in my mind; one of my fantasies came true. We went on a school trip together. He was sitting few seats away from me but a bus is not a big place, there was such a sexual tension between us that in the month of December I felt hot. We tried to maintain a distance but then that moment came where everything comes to a seismic point. In a restaurant full of high school kids he touched my hand, it’s like my whole body reacted to it.

I never felt something so intense before. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me but the only thing I was sure of is – I abso-####-lutely want more. My eyes kept chasing him and our eyes met quite a few times. I was wondering what’s going to happen next but with such hot moments, you need to keep it loose and just go with the flow. That night we met on our hotel terrace, it was perfect night and he was there, we were not sure what to do. We just sat there in cold weather but something magical was there. We broke up once his mom got to know about us.


Aman – Dashing & Dreamy –

After an unspoken break-up with J, I was kind of lost and thought that I am bad at the art of love. I was in college second year and completely out of hope. I was in the desert where there was no love but on college function, I saw him. I was thirsty and I saw an ocean. He was a pretty boy, muscular and he looked like a Greek god. He never pampered me, you see that’s the thing with these good looking guys, they get girls, like me so easily.

I remember once on his birthday I flew all the way back from Singapore to India and the first thing he did after kissing me was opening my belt and something puts me off there. If I honestly speak about this relationship, it was my fantasy to have someone like him in life. You can’t blame me; I am hopelessly romantic and head over heels in love with this guy. I loved the idea of love and being loved that I fell for someone who thinks I am not good enough for him. We made love quite a few times and it was amazing but something was missing. I proudly lost my virginity to him. I still wanted to feel loved so…… Eventually, I broke up with him.


Sony –

They say third time is a charm, but in my case……he was rich, powerful, dangerous and manipulative and apparently my girlfriend’s boss. I went to my friend’s office for a quick lunch, but it was my fate to meet him. I can sense a chill when his eyes met mine, he saw me and the first word he uttered was “Princess”. I wasn’t exactly pretty or hot, I have always been a girl next door. But Sony made me feel like a princess, he gave me love, gifts, romance.

I can’t forget when I saw him outside my house with a car full of chocolate, balloons, and roses. I was living the dream in big size but soon I realized that he’s married and he is a father of 2 kids. His wife called me and begged me to leave him. I was sure that we can’t be together and at that moment I realized I have become his obsession. He tried to blackmail me, threaten me and worst of all he hit me. I tried to get rid of him but was unsuccessful, I had no idea what got me there. I told my parents truth and they had to send me away for a whole summer to deal with him.


Noha –

He was a friend, he saw me in my worst phase when I was dealing with Sony’s trauma. He never left and he consoled me in my darkest, deepest ends. He proposed me and I needed him so badly that I said yes. We were the talk of the town, he likes to show me off to all his friends and he was really nice to me. After few days of our relationship, he asked me about Sony and what kind of relationship I had with him.

I was speechless because he knew what I went through and especially when he knew everything about my relationship. He asked a lot about Sony, which made me so uncomfortable that I demanded break-up with him. He really liked me but he can’t keep his mind off from Sony. He wanted to know all details about my relationship which made me push him away. Now we are not even friends.


Sam –

He’s fun and compatible, I met him through Emmy- my best friend. She had a crush on Sam and I thought I can help which I got totally wrong. From the very first day, we had some sort of connection which I denied completely. Just to help Emmy we all went to a party and I saw his eyes were chasing me everywhere. I kind of enjoyed it and we danced our butts off that night. We all three became best friends; we were 3 best friends against the world.

Careless, free, happy – a power gang. Sam and Emmy were my world but only when I realized that Sam’s world revolves around me. I loved all attention I got from Sam but I felt deeply ashamed whenever Emmy came to my mind. Eventually, Emmy got married to someone else that leaves me and Sam alone. We had some best times in the world. We had a story that is so fresh yet desired by everyone. We are not together anymore but we never broke up.

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