Febreesia is as crazy as a love struck teen, as friendly as your best pal and as helpful as a mother. Be it your first date or that rocking party, be it your special day or your night out with your best girls, Febreesia is always going to be there for you. Febreesia is not just about making you glamorous but we are here to make you a diva in your own comfort zone. A fresh brand new season of spicy style and juicy fashion is here to give you your life’s best ride in the glamour world for the rest of your life. Fashion is not the absence of simplicity rather it’s the acceptance of your inner self with the composition of your bright and dark side. Beauty is skin deep but fashion is born every day. We are not limited to dresses or shoes, we understand you. We are going to create magic in every pinch of your life. No one knows better than us what your inner fashion beast craves for, we know you are not jealous by others because Febreesia can get you anywhere with trendy tips. We give you all that going to make flabby to fabulous, from rough to rocking and from babe to babelicious. Stay tuned for your daily kiss of Febreesia’s magic.


It’s silly how sometimes a fun idea becomes a survival theory; Febreesia is my green signal for life. I love how you can reach to million people with your thoughts and you can actually connect with few. Once Oscar Wilde said “true Mystery of the world is visible, not the invisible”. So right yet so deep, what I want is always in front of my eyes but I cannot touch it, due to that unseen mysterious danger.

Hello to all lovely fabulous people who are here with me today, I am Ankita Anand aka Meau and Creative Head of www.febreesia.com. If you have read this upper paragraph of my intro page, you should have got this idea that I am little crazy. I love writing, I mainly collect people and take a peek inside their brain and heart to gather my stories. My people are my qualification and readers are my degree.

I stayed with a fashion brand for few years as their National brand head then I moved to Australia and again working in fashion industry. Life is busy and very fast but not boring at all. When I left India I was completely blank. I was moving to another county with different culture and language where I had no friends and I didn’t have any job in my hands too. I am a coward person but somehow Melbourne grew in me. I got friends who took care of me when I was alone and my friend Nammy told me “We all are weird and nervous but some of us are better at hiding our emotions”.

I write a lot about relations, I am youngest of six siblings. My all siblings are scholar and I kind of stayed away from studies. I know a lot about relations and how people treat you even if they are your own family. How sometimes you stay with people for whole life and never felt belonged and then suddenly you meet someone and your visibility becomes more bright & colorful.

I am a hopeless romantic; I have few spicy yet real stories for you. I am story teller; I’ll take you places you never imagined before. here’s what, I am 31 years old but somewhere that little girl is still inside me (Survived)  who loved her barbies and thought that they do came to life when no one’s watching, I still believe in fairies, I know mermaids can have legs when they are dry and sun is out. Pretty gross….ha!!! I talk about things long forgotten but we still wish they existed.

My skills include – I am good listener, I understand and feel pain, love, all emotions in great abundance. It’s an open offer to all the readers that if you think you’re alone and you have no one to talk to, come to Febreesia. We promise you a friendship for lifetime. I wish to see you again on Febreesia.