Be a Tough Bitch…

When You Are Single, Struggling With Your Love & Professional Life…. Be A Tough Bitch….

“Oh, you are not well? And you still going to the office? Is there anything, I can help you with? So you want me to babysit your kid on weekend, no problems. I will be there and you can go where ever you want to go. Oh no, I do have a dinner date with my boyfriend, but I can’t step back from babysitting my niece on weekend.”

– Bhumika, 31


“Mommy please I want to wear this dress. This is happening and I want to look attractive. I know you want me to look like Martha Stewart but I want to look like Eva Mendes. At last, I am in full sleeves sweater and Warm Palazzos.”

– Shreya, 22


“I am quitting my job because my boss is a nympho. Do you have another job in hand? Are you sure your boss is nympho? So why are you working there? When can you start your new job? Did he ever try anything on you? Traveling at night should not be a problem, all girls do that.”

–Riya, 27


“My best friend asked why I am not doing any job and why I left Salsa. My answer is my fiancé don’t like me to be a professional or to dance with other guys. His mouth opened like a hungry croc.”

– Shruti, 26


“I cook, I clean, I feed but he never appreciates me because I am lazy and to do any work is not a big deal for me because no matter how tired I am and how much hard work I put in a particular job, it’s my duty to make and appear everything perfect.”

– Sanya, 33

How to become tough when everyone’s against you or taking your advantage or ignoring you:

STEP 1: Block flow of all negative energy:

  1. Start appreciating yourself.
  2. Leave all negative people.
  3. Start making new friends.
  4. Laugh and watch all comedy flicks.
  5. Stop expecting from family and friends.

STEP 2: Be your own boss:

  1. Do whatever what you want to do.
  2. Don’t trust all you being taught at home.
  3. If you don’t like them, don’t listen to them.
  4. Try to take your life in your hands.
  5. Do something to be (Financially & Emotionally) independent.

STEP 3: Belief in yourself:

  1. You must get out of the victim mentality.
  2. Get out of your comfort Zone.
  3. You were, are and will never be useless.
  4. Don’t keep your fun and wishes aside.

STEP 4: Be A Bitch:

  1. If it’s not in your hand, ignore the matter.
  2. If anyone hurts you, consider them invisible.
  3. Treat & pamper yourself every now & then.
  4. Smile. It is sharper than a knife.
  5. Be a competitor.


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