College Bag’s Essentials

Hey, what fun…

I still remember my college life. Those were the best days of my life. Every night me and my girlfriends, we discuss what to wear tomorrow. Between lectures and assignments, there was a hell lot of fun in the canteen. Over greasy sandwich and cup of coffee, those long talks about soccer team players. Looking at another group of girls and smile at them as if we were challenging them. When Exams hover, those stressed nights and looking at the book as if looking it for the first time. Cry over breakups and looking for a new guy with the excuse that it’s my rebound plan.

Damn….I miss my College and College Friends. But if you are still a college-going girl or about to enter college, you should be aware of college must-haves. Classes, Long lectures, exercise lessons and sometimes sitting in humid rooms. You need to maintain your fresh look throughout the day. Let’s see what all College Miss Perfect thinks, Let’s peek in their bag and randomly choose things for ourselves.

“Lip Balm, you can find this in every girl’s bag. I can not think of leaving my home without my lip balms and gloss.“
Piya Kakkar, 20
“Face Wash to get an instant fresh look and feel fresh. I got really oily skin and I wash my face after every 2 hours.”
-Harshpreet, 22
“Sun Screen Lotion You might be attending one lecture in B wing Building and another lecture happens to be in opposite direction in D wing building. while going to one class to another, the sun can take away your freshness. I keep myself protected by using sunscreen.“
-Nikita, 21
“Deodorant, yes I do keep this to spray in class when the class is full of students and it’s a humid day. The Whole class is smelling like sweat pig. I spray it to survive and study“
-Zenna, 24
“Mobile, it’s a basic thing. you can’t live without it. My Boyfriend to mom, I got 100 calls during lectures and if I miss any call, mom thinks I am not safe and my guy thinks I am not paying proper attention to him.“
-Laura, 21
“Book (Giggles), I am not a very bookish person, since got this in my hand, all I can say is that this is the last thing that comes to my mind while coming to college.“
Ana, 23
“Its a most important thing in my bag, my Hair Brush. even some of my girlfriends keep renting my brush.“
-Sanya, 22
“My Boyfriend and I, we meet every day at canteen after the 3rd lecture. So, I always use mouth freshener before meeting him. Talking to him with bad breath is a big turn off. I always keep a Mouth Freshener spray with me.“
-Hania, 24
“I keep a Water bottle,  to keep myself hydrated. The campus is so huge and water taps are available at every corner. So, it’s my must have.“
-Naina, 24

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