Essential Do’s For a Would Be BRIDE

Essential Do’s For a Would Be BRIDE

So, wedding bells ringing, you must be nervous and confused at the same time. But, before getting into your life changing event, just think once ‘ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?’ Whether it’s a love marriage or arrange marriage you need to be the sure of the person you are going to marry because 99% chances are there you going to see him all your life long. And when you make your mind just trust the inner voice.

So Congrats on your wedding and here are some easy tips to glow on your special day…

Two months before wedding:

  • Get yourself enrolled in some good cooking classes
  • Join gym and start meditating.
  • Start taking 1.5 litres water in one day.
  • At least eat a seasonal fruit daily.
  • Go for heavy shopping like dresses, jewellery, foot wears.
  • Start taking spa massage every fortnightly.

One month before wedding:

  • So time is near, go for shopping with your best girlfriend and buy your intimate wear.
  • Develop one to one relationship with God.
  • Start gaining knowledge about sex.
  • Be sure you are totally not dependent on your hubby for after marriage expense, just in case of emergency you should have your money ready with you.
  • Maintain a file of your certificates and keep it in your suitcase.
  • Cosmetic shopping is must, start purchasing your essentials and set your makeup box.

15 days before wedding:

  • Go for hair treatment, one of the best recommended treatment is hair smoothening.
  • Every alternate day apply oil on scalp and massage it gently.
  • Tanning for bride is a big NO, so avoid going in sun and try to remove it naturally. You can use homemade curd, apply curd on your whole body and take shower. Do this daily. This will keep your skin hydrated and remove tan.
  • Avoid using soaps, better if you use turmeric powder and curd. Start using natural products like aloe Vera, almond oil and milk.
  • Start taking manicure and pedicures.

7 days before wedding:

  • Take your appointment with skin specialist. Get your body polished.
  • Start taking clean up, body wax, scrubbing.
  • Treat yourself on dinner date with your best pals and laugh till your tummy aches.
  • Pack your stuff and keep it in safe and clean corner.

2 days before wedding:

  • Ouch moment is here; get your bikini wax done.
  • Eat, marry and pray.
  • Trust yourself.

Best of luck.# Just keep in my mind…….brides are Centre of attraction.

Grooms are like a side dish in main course #

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