Gift To Parents

When I think of a perfect couple, only one image captures my mind and that’s my parents. They are together from last 45 years; in this era when couples break before 45 days, only such examples made me believe in true love. Couples who have seen up and downs in life and still they are together are our only hope to think about forever love. Well, when your parents gave you so much hope for love and life and since they are growing old (gracefully) and it’s their anniversary, you should plan to gift them something that is unique gifts for parents that they should enjoy it too. I asked some couples (Above 50)  what was their best gift out of all the gifts received to date. So, I got some super cool ideas and I am going to share them with you.


Second Honeymoon

Isn’t it exciting? Sending your parents to a romantic vacation. Make some efforts, do all hotel bookings, arrange a cab and make an itinerary for them. I am sure they will love it. They will enjoy this more because it’s your idea and affection.



Love Letter 

Write something for your parents. Monetary value is less in such gifts but your emotion can make them feel top of the world. You might get surprised when you actually see them getting emotional and still their eyes will twinkle with happiness.
(PS: if your handwriting is that bad, they might get emotional, anger is also an emotion. So, in that case, better use typed letter.)



Visual Gift 

Make a video; collect all pictures and clips of their wedding, honeymoon, first kid, function photos etc. Combine them, use some quotes in between; make a beautiful video and play in between the party.




Surprise Party 

Throw a surprise party and invite all your near and dears. But be sure, to ask your mum & dad to get dress well because later on, your mom will crib for not telling her (Ladies).




Gadget Love 

Yes, Gift them a new Laptop or handset. If your parents are not familiar with these gadgets, then gift them a tutor too. 🙂



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