I am an animal lover. It’s not that easy to keep a pet when you are the only one in the family who love animals. Two years ago my fiancée gifted me a cat, a white Persian cat. Since my fiancée knows me inside out, he was aware of my love for animals. I was trying to get one for a long time but due to my parents, I stepped back. I requested them several times to allow me for one pet but they simply don’t like animals. I got this beautiful fluffy white Persian cat. True beauty and I named her ‘Gucci’. Though it’s been more than two years since she entered in my life even today it’s a struggle to keep her. Letting her stay in my home demands a lot of arguments, fights and few emotional moments too. Though I can easily avoid this and can give her away  I chose to be with her, because she’s selfless. She gave me something I always wanted to have, a company. I noticed few good changes after she entered in my life. So, I thought to ask other pet owners, why they love their pet.


I wanted to know why people love pets and what they get in return. Let’s take a peek, why people love their pets:


Kuro & Kyra, my St.Bernard couple. My husband got them to make the home more colorful and joyful. As pups, both were quite amusing. Since I just got recovered from paralyzes, our doctor suggested us to keep a pet and I love every bit. They helped me to come out of my problems and kept me really happy and busy. Now they are quite big, about 85 kgs each. Now, I am the mother of two human kids too and they are very protective, caring and kind to kids. I cannot imagine my family without my four-legged kids. – Kaato


I was in a great mess after my divorce; I was taking therapies, meds and all kind of possible treatments. But nothing helped me to relax my soul. Every doctor declared that I was in acute depression and I needed a change. And from nowhere, without a clue, my dad bought a pup home. He was Golden Retriever and really beautiful. It was love at first sight. He helped me to get over from depression. He loved cuddling, hugs, and walks. He made me feel so special and important that I almost forgot about my nasty divorce. Last summers, My Jackie passed away. I missed him so much that after a month of this death I adopt another dog and named him Jackie too. – Andrea


I used to have a Doberman dog, I literally grew with him. When he passed away, I was looking for the same breed in every dog shelter but returned home empty-handed every evening. Meanwhile, we shifted to another town and there I saw the exact same dog as mine. I saw him on the beach a couple of times. I wanted to hug this dog but I wasn’t aware who the owner of that dog was. Since I was new in town, I went to the beach to pass time and there, this big dog came to me and I pat him and he nicely sat next to me. After few minutes, someone called him but he did not move and I learned his name is ‘Cruso’. His owner came near to Cruso, and that’s how I met my husband. It’s been two years, we are happily married and Cruso was our best man in the wedding. – Maria&Sean


My cat, her name is Masako. I brought her home on my Valentine’s Day. One of my friends told me that a feral cat has birth to two kittens and cat rejected the kitten. I was worried about kittens and the whole night I was tossing in my bed. Next morning I called my friend and she told me that one of the kittens already dead. Without wasting a minute, I ran to fetch that one kitten. When I saw her for the very first time, she was scared and hungry. I scoop her in arms and she immediately started to purr and there I know she’s mine. She is a constant source of joy and happiness to me. Every night she sleeps on my pillow. Loves to wakes me up with nose kiss. I love her.


I am a loner, an introvert. I am not much comfortable with people and I hate going to crowded places. I never had many friends as they find me boring. I started to develop an inferiority complex and my parents were really worried. That’s when one of the psychologists suggested my parents to get a pet for me. My dad wanted to me to get a dog, whereas my mom wanted to adopt a cat. At last, they asked me about my choice of pet and I asked them to get both. They asked me to find kittens and pups online. I did it with great interest and today I share my space with Hulk- husky dog, Lizzie- Bengal cat. I am happy and my parents are happy with my progress.
Kashan Ahmed


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