It’s like a new makeover; I went to the office that day early. Nobody was there and I was getting bore. Since there was nothing much to do, I decided to get involved with my first love ‘Shopping’. I clicked on a shopping website and saw a whole range of branded perfumes. This time I wasn’t looking for a fragrance that is too strong or too glamorous. I wanted something cool, calm and casual and then I came across DAVIDOFF Cool Water. I ordered it and the bottle was perfect for my office bag. It arrived within 4 business days. I wore it and was waiting for other’s to comment on it and to my surprise everybody wants it. Of course, I did not share my bottle but it was and is a hit.

Summer of 2012, hot, humid and sweaty. I was in the board room, getting prepared for my new collection launch, power cut made it impossible to work and still look presentable. Body order was creating a bad impression and suddenly one of the models entered in the room and it felt so fresh and calm. Her fragrance was soothing and refreshing. The moment my sense reached to that fragrance I knew it, it is love for lifetime and it was Nina Ricci. I am in love with this bottle too.

I was dressed in LBD, having a perfect first date. Each time I look away he tries to place some gift-wrapped box on the table. Obviously, I noticed but kept myself mum. Then we were waiting for our dessert and I gave him the gift I specially bought for him and he liked it so much but still, there was no reciprocal gift from his side. I was kind of baffled that maybe it was a gift from another date. He was about to say goodbye when that red gift box came out and it was Christian Dior Poison. The sexiest fragrance and it turns all the head.

I was so pissed off with that long boring conference and I thanked God for getting it over. I was at Delhi Airport. Since I got some free time and my boarding was after 45 minutes. Just to kill the time, I went to a tuck shop. The shop was loaded with all kind of stuff but I directly approached perfume section. I saw a royal bottle with golden chain, it was GUCCI…. I wanted this on my makeup table for so long. So I pampered myself and bought it, the fragrance is mind blowing.

My birthday and I got almost every possible gift from dress to shoes, but at the end of the day I got a wine color box from my brother and it was the most wanted gift and it was Calvin Klein Euphoria. The fragrance that transforms me from normal girl to a damsel.

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