Hush That Hickey

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Hush That Hickey…..

So it’s a big conference at office….oops you got a hickey from last night session. AND ohhhh my Gosh it’s quite visible, of course it’s embarrassing too. It looks really sexy but hey this is so not professional to carry a love bite to your office and grab everybody’s attention.

Ok …don’t panic, I got some super simple ideas to get rid of this oopsy.

Cheapest and easiest of all is “ICE”:

Use an ice pad over the hickey. Apply ice for 10 minutes then relax for 2 minutes and apply it again. Do not apply ice directly on the skin. Just to get rid of a love bite, you can give yourself frost bite so be careful.


This is a bit painful. Use a comb and brush it gently, brush over the area. It helps to break the clots.

Rub a coin

Yes, you heard it right; rub a coin on your effected surface as hard as you can. I know this sounds painful and this is painful but this method is known for real results.

Apply some peppermint toothpaste

It will give tingling sensation for a while and once tingling is over, remove the paste but this method is not that quick.

Apply Arnica Gel

It’s really effective and very well known for its healing properties.


This medicine is the composition of acetaminophen and aspirin. The acetaminophen will help with swelling and pain, and the aspirin will help keep blood flowing.

Witch Hazel

It’s good for getting rid of love bites. Apply a little witch hazel to your love bite two or three times a day and it will lighten your hickey.


Applying too much pressure to the love byte will cause the mark to go away but can leave a lasting bruise. These bruises often have a greenish marking and are more humiliating than hickeys. For actual fast results with no side effects, all you can do is to hide it with help of makeup.

#  #   Once it’s gone…you are going to miss it   #  #

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