KISS….Keep in Seductive Scenario

He was on the beach side and the lady with him was none other than me. He was in basketball shorts and I was in a sarong. The dream started with cool air but suddenly I noticed he came near to me and we were about to kiss but I guess it was too much to handle for me and I woke up. I am happily committed and never thought of another man but this was something I was not actually guilty of. I kind of enjoyed it. This was my inner self, my deeply buried desire. My Fantasy…..yes, that means there are more women out there with some hidden feelings and fantasies. I wanted to talk about it and want to listen to their fantasies too. Let’s see what they said:

“Total stranger.I want to meet my guy (Boyfriend) in a bar as total stranger. I want him to pretend as if he’s meeting me for first time and he finds me hot and attractive. He offers me drink and we get really high. We want to spend more time with each other but since we are strangers, instead going to home we rent a hotel room for one single night. It gives the feeling of one night stand but with my man. Than in morning we behave like total strangers and bid a good bye to each other with a passionate kiss.”
Silvi, Relationship Manager

“Beach Love. I want to be with my man’s private beach. We are having great time on our luxurious beach villa. I step in open Jacuzzi and unwrap myself, my man follows me with that wild grin and then we spend some really good time inside the Jacuzzi. Just when I step out of Jacuzzi and lie down on sand to enjoy more, he comes to me and we both transports to our world of love.”
Neha, Architect

“Hot Honeymoon. It’s like a sexy vacation with my hubby. It’s been 5 years since we got married. Our honeymoon was in Bali and it was sizzling hot. But after two years, we were blessed with an angel and it was a whole new phase of life which is also known No-Romance phase. Babies are cranky and you hardly get time to dress up and go for a romantic ride. All I want is to leave my kid with his grandparents for a weekend and to go on a sexy short trip with my hubby to spend some real quality time and of course naughty too.”
Bhawna, Professor.

“Blindfold Handcuffs. I want to try this since I met him, till the date I am unable to express my fantasy to him. I know this guy from last 8 months and he’s the gentlest guy in my dating history. Now I am more than comfortable with him and I want him to try something rough on me like handcuffs and blindfold. Hope he understands what I want.” –
– Zenna, Brand Manager.

Bonfire on Riverside. Moon light, riverside, soft music, wine and BONFIRE. Ultimate fantasy. I want someone treat me like a princess on my birthday. I want to feel special and sexy at same time. With magnetic eye contact and little bit of touch, like brushing my arm with his every now and then. Soft kisses and lots of Romance.”
– Cat, Entrepreneur 

PDA. Yes when I am in love I want to tell this to whole world and I want to paint the world with my love. I want same from my man. Hands in hands, kissing, hugging and getting all mushy. I want to flirt with him openly.”
Roshali, Visual Merchandiser

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