Kiss of True Love

I Feel Like Snow White,
Who come alive with Kiss of True Love….

I heard she called me a high school slut, I threw my hard covered textbook on her and I was proud, I rewarded her with a bruise on the forehead. I did not hurt her because she lied about me; I use to keep the same opinion about myself. Relationships, Commitment, Love….blah blah blah. I was a girl who thinks life is full of fun and passion but wasting your time on one person is like going to a buffet and only eating salad there. By the time I was 16, I dated more then 16 boys. I was in the hostel from the very starting of my school. I got great friends who stood by me in every thick and thin. In my journey of life, my friends made me realize where I went wrong.

It’s like I can’t feel myself, my whole body vanished. There was no pain, no feeling and only an absence of everything. I was trying to move my hands but I guess it wasn’t there. I panicked and suddenly I felt a hand on my head. He was there, when everything is gone, even my body is no more with me but he’s here. I closed my eyes and saw myself dressed in a black mini skirt with high boots, a flashback starts, I was really high, after 4 tequila shots and one hash dose.  By the way, today I completed 16 years on this earth and it was not only my birthday, it was New Year too. I am with my best friends and I am the happiest girl today, eight friends and one car. We all 8 went to Karan’s house; His parents were cool with boozing and coming late at night. We all laughed, played and ate pizzas. That night I was unable to sleep and went out to get some fresh air, Avi followed me and we took a walk. He was like my shadow, always there for me. He was sweet but sometimes he annoys me too. On 1 January 2001, he proposed me and I made one thing very clear to him that I am not a relationship person and I am not going to lose a friend for sex sake. He did not say a word but kept walking with me.

Winter break was over, back to school. It’s my 10th std and I was sure that I’ve to do something for myself as I am not going back to my aunt’s place. So I focused on my career where I can kick-start earning money. I asked my all friends to suggest me something and then there was all weird kind of ideas from modeling to actress and from store manager to nanny. From all the ideas, I like the idea of flying. I wanted to be Air-hostess.  As soon as I passed my 12th, I joined Cabin crew school and it took me one year to complete my Air-hostess studies. In 2005, I got selected for very renowned Airlines and I started flying. I loved my job and after a year I came back to meet my all friends. They all were happy but Avi did not come. Amber told me he joined NDA. I tried to contact him like thousand times but he never responded back. Its been more than two years.

(2 years back) I know I did hurt him, after that night he never followed me nor he tried to talk to me. It was our last day in school and we were getting ready for farewell party, he asked me to go but I refused him because I was waiting for that cutie from Non-med section to ask me for a farewell party and he did. With boys, I am always a hit. I was always sure that I can get any man anytime. I wore that dazzling tiffany’s red gown and everyone said I looked mesmerizing. Avi did tries to approach me twice but I kind of ignored him. Avi asked me not to go out with him after party but I shoved him off.  I was out for the whole night and Avi waited for me and when in morning I came back and asked him what he’s doing there he just said “I was worried”. I did not realize at that point of time how much I have hurt him. I guess I lost a friend.

With a heavy heart I went back to my flying routine and after a year while coming back to my apartment I met with an accident. I was crossing an isolated empty road and some drunk driver hit me. After that, I had no clue where I was all I knew that I opened my eyes and Avi’s hand was there on my head. He was there sitting next to me when my body got paralyzed. He did not leave me and he stayed till I get fine. I took 9 month to stand on my feet again but his hands were always in mine hands. His parents refused to accept me as a daughter-in-law because they find me unhealthy and unsuitable for him. But he was sure about me, he gave me confidence and stood by me. We got married on a cruise in Goa on 18 October 2009, with my all best friends present there. He approached his uncle who was in France. He took me to France on a medical visa. We started a new life there and today I am completely fine and in 2011 October, we were blessed with twin babies. Pregnancy was difficult but he made me feel like a child and took care of me as a mother. He filled all the empty space in my life with love and passion. He’s my soul.

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Ankita Anand:
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