Mirror Mirror on the wall….

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Almost all ladies have a compact mirror in their handbags, almost every bedroom has one mirror, and the bathroom is incomplete without a mirror. I can forget to see my guy before leaving home but I can’t forget mirror. So, this mirror who has always been silent but conveys a thousand things is a member of every home.  But, mirrors have their own world and for our own betterment one should follow simple rules of keeping the mirror in our world:

  • The Mirror should never face a toilet door and should not be placed in front of your bed.
  • Mirror in dining area boost yang chi, place a wall mirror where your family dines. Every time when you have a get-together at home, your mirror will be amplifying the yang energy of the home
  • Mounted mirrors are available in modern and predictable designs. Choose according to the interior ornamentation and make a good luck statement.
  • North, South-East, and Eastern directions are the best mirror placement.
  • Pillars in mid of hall can look very hideous but if you cover it with a mirror, it can be a hidden feature of your hall.
  • The Mirror can double your wealth – Insertion of mirror to reflect a cash register, your charms, or close to the front door of a shop will pull more money chi, customers, and opulence to you.
  • Eerie Mirrors; when two mirrors placed on opposite walls facing each other can be bewildering and make you feel ungrounded because when you look in the mirror you could see your reflection ad infinitum. It has a tendency to bring up self-doubt.
  • The Mirror should face beautiful things like flowers, beautiful paintings etc. it will bring positive vibes in the home.
  • Avoid hanging mirrors with biased or antiqued façades, whenever you see yourself in them, you will come to feel distorted or prematurely age yourself and it’s not a good way to see yourself.
  • Placing a mirror in the bedroom can create sleep issues like insomnia.Mirror in the bedroom of a married couple can also bring intrusion

So mirrors should be used effectively, as they are an easy and economical way to add some style to space and live in harmony.

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Ankita Anand:
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