Seven Types Of Men, You Should Not Be Dating.

We are from two different worlds; women from pink world and men from blue world. Both the worlds have to come together to maintain a balance in the universe. Lady’s when you meet a guy and think that he can be your future hubby or maybe a long term relation, keep in mind that not everybody is a chip of the same block. Maybe you are a tigress; you cannot go in relation to deer and vice versa. Before entering in any relation don’t act desperate, listen to your inner voice and avoid some special species of men given below:

Mr. Cold Blood

He can always be careless and unaffectionate towards you and your feelings. All he wants is a status, of being married or in a relationship. For him, everything is I, Me and Myself. You will never feel special or wanted with him. He’s going to be the biggest reason for your depression because when you’re all girlfriends will talk about their spicy love life, you need cook one for yourself.

Female friend’s follower

This one seems to be very nice, helping and extremely caring but actually, he’s more interested in making other girls more comfortable. While talking to your friends his body language is totally submissive and compliment other girls more than he does to you, he wants to add each of your friends to his social networking profile. Really? Are you dating such nag? Get rid of him as soon as possible.

Close-up of a mid adult man picking his nose

Mr. Unhygienic

So, you are dating a bearded beer. He can wear a jean for six months without a wash, he can skip brushing his teeth, shower for him is like climbing Mt. Everest, his underarms are like wild bushes and if someday, he forgets his deodorant, you can die in his arms. Ladies, there are so many other points, I am not mentioning here but you know what I mean. Beware of such hairy-scary guy.


He’s unpredictable and insensitive. This is the guy who calls for dates and never shows up when he promises. He is not balanced with his thoughts; as he loves you for a moment then changes his mind in minutes. If you think you can change him, you’re wrong. A flakey man will never put his woman first.


He always has trust issues. He won’t let you meet your old (male) buddies, he keeps a check when you are leaving and coming back, he keeps calling you and sometimes he can keep you in an awkward situation. He always checks your call records, keeps scrolling your photos and sometimes he has a problem with your girlfriends too. Such man will never let you grow and flourish because he thinks you can slip away the moment you will be more outgoing.

Mr.Gold Digger

I know this ‘Gold Digger’ term is used for women only but seriously, believes me; I have seen plenty of guys marrying a girl because of her money. Recently, in a reality show, I saw how guys in 20 sometimes target widow, divorced and lonely woman. Babes, if you are daughter of big daddy or you are earning really handsome money then you got to be picky and very smart.


Tough one, he seeks perfection in every corner. Living with such guy is like staying under a strict boss for 24*7. He is like a timetable and he’s a kind of control freak. If you think, he will be different after marriage, then you are mistaken. So, think before entering in relation to someone like that.

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Ankita Anand:
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