Sexy Lean Summer Legs

How to get Sexy Lean Summer Legs ….

We all want that sexy lean summer legs to don our swimsuits or shorts in the most comfortable way. These workout techniques are ideal to create those sexy legs you always wished for…

01. Start with warm up. You can
do cycling, hopping, brisk walk, stepper.

02. Stretching plays an important role.

03. Exercise:

a) Squats.

b) Lunges.

c) Bridge.

d) Butterfly.

04.For having perfect legs, you need to take care of diet too:

a) Start adding natural protein to your diet.

b) Milk is must. You can make a Smoothie.

Follow the given Recipe.

Banana – 1

Raw Egg – 1

Blueberries –2

Almonds – 5

Milk – 1 cup

Sugar – optional

Mix all ingredients well in  the mixer, filter it and drink it.

Do this workout thrice a week.

05. Rest of the days, you can try any Latin dance form.


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Ankita Anand:
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