Small Room in Wonderland

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger And Spacious

Most of us staying in big cities with glamorous life, tall buildings, huge malls, eight-lane roads but when it comes to the apartment, it’s always something where you compromise. Either you are very lucky or very rich if you have one big room where you can place your music system, clothes, study table, shoe rack, dressing table and the list is long. So, here are few ideas where you can play and make your small room look big and spacious.

  • Color and create the illusion of wide open place. Colors play an important role especially when they are on the wall. So, for small room use light colors like white or beige. These colors are soothing and make your room look spacious.
  • Mirror-mirror on the wall, tell me how to get rid of small…..exactly my point. Mirrors create a dilemma of more space because mirror never blocks the view instead it doubles the space and beauty.
  • Attachments are new interior vogue, you can use fold up beds. Once you are out of bed, the bed is out of vision and there will be a lot of space. You can actually do exercise in your temporary space or you can use it as free space to feel more comfortable.
  • See-through curtains with light fabric. Such curtains won’t block your view or just try something out of the box ‘the jute blinds’. These blinds give a very natural touch to your room and their color is very calming.
  • Get some hanging lamps. Why waste side table space with those lamp stands when the market is already filled with an infinite option of hanging lamps. And they look more trendy, giving you free side table to use it for an alarm clock, your bed-time reading stuff or for other stuff which is important for you to see early in the morning.
  • Try adding shelves to the wall, they can carry a lot of stuff like books, music system, soft toys, photo frames, showpiece and other decorative items too.
  • Avoid adding too many accessories when space is limited and there should be not more than 4 photos in a small room else it gives a very crowded look.
  • Keep yourself satisfied with what you have, it’s the basic principle to think positive and create positive.

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Ankita Anand:
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