Take Charge Of Your Happiness

Your Happiness Your World

There’s a point in everybody’s life when we say our life is pointless. No matter what we do, we can’t keep ourselves happy. Happiness is an eternal joy, which makes you feel complete. Happiness mainly depends on 2 things:

01 The kind of relationship you are holding with others.

Your relationship with your friends, family, pets, neighbors, colleagues etc. these relationships affect your mood  the most. Your day to day life and your expectations keep clashing. If you had a hectic day in office then try to plan dinner with your best friends. You will feel light. But the balancing act between you and outer world is very simple, the more you focus on the negative situation the bigger it will be.

02 The kind of relationship you are holding with yourself.

Anything that makes you feel happy is your mood uplifter. What do you like most to do? Do what makes you happy. For example, my sister loves reading, so she does it often and relaxes herself this way. Only you know how to keep your smile intact. Never give your happiness in other’s hand; sooner or later they will drop it. Better take things in your hand and be happy.

Here are few tricks to keep you happy and relaxed:

Listen to your favorite melody

Just listen to your favorite song and start humming with it, it will change your mood and brings a smile on your face.

Never allow
anyone to discourage you

I know you can’t control others, but you can choose your reaction and start ignoring negative comments.

Take a walk and recover fast

When you can’t get rid of negative thoughts, change the surroundings. Take a walk in a lush green park or go somewhere you find peace, like one of my friend, used to go to lakeside whenever she’s sad.

Gear up Your To-Do List

Stop postponing things, makes a list of all the things you want to do or you need to do. You might want to learn French or you delaying your appointment with a dietitian. When next time you are not feeling good, just open this list and pick one task for that very moment.

Compliment three people every day

There’s a different kind of joy in making other’s happy. It’s a great way to socialize and to make friends. When there are more people to talk than there’s less time to get sad.

Try something new

Never stop trying, you can explore new places, try a different food. Wear something you always wanted to wear but did not have guts to wear so far.

Sit in Natural Environment

Mother Nature is heartwarming. Just sit by a tree or take a stroll in flower valley, enjoy a sunset with your favorite drink. This will keep you close to yourself and happy for a lifetime.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation, deep breathing, and yoga, relaxes your mind, keeps you fit, maintain your health and makes you stay happy.

Eat natural products

Eat more stuff that grows on the tree and less that comes in box packing. Fruits are a great source of fiber and rich in healthy nutrients. Eating fruits will make you feel light and light heart is always relaxed.

Be a giver

Donate your old clothes, feed stray animals, give away your belongings that are no longer in use. You can also be an organ donor, as there’s no use of taking precious organ to the grave. For this tell your family about your decision.

Never hold back your tears

Be open to your emotions, if you are watching an emotional movie and you feel like crying than just do it. Once you are done with it, you will much lighter.

Pretty you

Keep yourself maintained. Go get a haircut, wear a nice dress with the best pair of shoes, apply some light make up, and wear a seductive fragrance. Now ask the mirror who is beautiful of all?

Pretend you are happy

Yes fake it and make a habit to smile and keep yourself happy. You need no reason to smile and make your environment light and joyful.

#  #  Be Happy, only you know how to do this job

No one else can take charge of your happiness  #  #

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Ankita Anand:
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