“It’s funny how, in this journey of life, even though we may begin at different times and places, our paths cross with others so that we may share our love, compassion, observations, and hope. This is a design of God that I appreciate and cherish.”

― Steve Maraboli


Here, I am sharing some different experience of my friends, about their journey. Which they will never forget.



One hour journey became seven-hour run

It was summer of 1997, we used to have an old Fiat car. It was my cousin’s birthday and he was hardly 90 km away. We planned to give him a surprise but the journey became a shock for all of us. Our car broke down in mid-way where there was no mechanic, no workshop, and no other help. Finally, after 40 minutes of hard work, my bro got lift and he brought one mechanic with him but as expected car took more than seven hours to get in shape and we reached to empty hall where no cake was left.
-Naina, 29

2They left me

It was my first year of college and I was very excited for my college trip. We were going to most romantic mountains. I used to like a boy, he was my first crush. He was there too, on the trip. In the bus, I was looking at him and he made eye contact too. The bus stopped in mid-way for some time, I was inspired by ‘Madhuri Dixit’ and I winked at him and went back side of washrooms. I was waiting for him and while waiting for him, I touched up my makeup and I was so engrossed with my compact mirror, I almost forgot that fifteen minutes had gone and still there’s no sign of him. I stood still there for 5 minutes more but then I heard bus engine started. I quickly came out of shade but my college bus left me along with my crush. They came back after 10 minutes, got a good lecture from teachers but my crush was over.
-Rachel, 25




GPS and two lovers

It was almost 7 months with my guy, we planned to visit a palace in mountains. We both were not that sure about the way. So, we trusted GPS blindly. As we feed the name of that castle, GPS started to navigate us. After 30 minutes of the drive, we were on the road in mid of woods. As we moved forward, the way started to scare us more. We reached the point where there was a steep mountain and our hatchback was about to give up. We were scared to death. Our first romantic trip turned into adventures one. Somehow we managed to get out of that horror path but since that day, we never trusted GPS.
-Zenna, 24


4Fantasy ended up in Lockup

I am blindly in love with my then girlfriend and now wife. Once I read her personal diary, where she wrote some of her fantasies. On one rainy day, I called her and literally ordered her to get ready as we were going to long drive. I know she loved rain and on a rainy day, she wanted to make out just like ‘Jack&Rose’ did in Titanic. So I planned it and after 50 minutes of a drive, I stopped the car, she looked at me with surprise as I gave her a bottle of wine with a cake. It was so romantic, we were so close to each other and I felt, this is the day which is going to best date in history but I saw a big hand tapped on the front glass of my car. It took no time for me to realize that it was none other than Police. They took us to police station and our parents came to fetch us. It was the most embarrassing day for both of us.
-Rahul, 32



Broken heart healing

I was 31, single, depressed and all messed up. My boyfriend left without any specific reason. So, I thought to get over with this feeling with a trip. I planned a trip and went there alone. There I met a half Indian half Mexican man, he was alone too. We used to talk all day long; we had great fun in all adventure sports. He was 40, divorced and very stable. He taught how to stay happy and how our happiness is in our hands. Those nine days with him was best days of my life. But due to my family, I was unable to marry him. I miss him but still, I can’t forget those 9 days.
-Zara, 33

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