The LOVE Of My Life….

All right girls, fasten your seatbelts because today we are getting a ride to love lane. Yes, it’s not about love that goes till marriage.
It’s just a sweet memory that still makes you smile.

Some super co-operative friends of mine shared their story,
what they felt when they got someone who was just what they wanted in life:

“It wasn’t love at first sight; he was neither good-looking nor very tall. Actually he was just opposite what I actually dreamt of my man. It was the first year in MBBS and ragging was pretty frustrating. Once my seniors were asking me to dance like Janet Jackson in mid of canteen, I was embarrassed and very nervous.His voice saved me. He was a senior too and he asked his friend to let me go and in return he offered all of them free coffee. They left me, since that day I don’t know why I kept dreaming about him but was unable to talk to him. Whenever he was around, I behaved like a dumb. He himself started the conversation and on fresher’s party, he proposed me. Now I am in relationship with this super romantic guy. At night we use to keep our phones on hold and study together, daytime we managed one or two lectures to sit together and keep looking at each other. Every Monday he used to borrowed his friend’s bike to give me ride to temple. My years of medical graduation flew away in fraction of seconds. It was his senior year and he was about to leave, I was in tears. He said, he’s going to continue his studies and next year and I can join him, then we can talk to parents and can plan marriage. I spend next one year in dreaming and talking to him on phone. But within this one year, I made my mind to choose another college for post-graduation as I was not interested in his field. He got busy with his final year and I got busy with my selection of the new college. We grew apart, now all calls were about complaints and regrets. One day we both decided to take a break and we both moved on. Still, he is one memory, who made me feel so alive and happy.”

Dr.Jyotsna, Gynecologist

“I wish she stayed little more time. She was not that beautiful but very attractive. I saw her on a wedding. She was not a make-up doll, very simple and all guys were ignoring her because they got much better options. I was a nerd, no experience with girls and she came to me and said “what a hideous wedding” and I was mum. She asked me if I like vodka and offered me her limca mixed with vodka. That night we exchanged the numbers. We started chatting on what’s app, and 2 weeks later we went on camping on the mountain side. She was a wild-spirited, just like guys. She was living as a paying guest and she was working at some company with minimum salary, just because she wanted her freedom. I was very introvert or you can call me reserved guy but she was freak and extrovert. She gave me the confidence to be free and wild. I loved her but she was anti-love. Meanwhile, my parents forced me to get fixed with their choice. I asked her and she said “go ahead”. I got engaged and she was still so cutely freak. She left the town the day I got married. She changed her number, blocked me from facebook and there was no way I can find her but I actually lived those moments which I spend with her.”

Abhishek, Software Engineer

“I know Love since I know her, she was perfect. Like a Barbie doll, tall, sleek, attractive and very cute. I was in school with her. I always sit next to her in the auditorium and on annual day dance; I used to be her partner always. She was different from other girls, she writes poetry and I used to listen to her. While going on a picnic, I always sat next to her. She was a great listener, cheerful and very supportive. I loved her and wanted her for my lifetime but that awkward friend zone. She and me, we were so comfortable in our friendship that I was scared to confess my love for her. Now she’s married (to someone else) and I am still a friend. I don’t know if I was wise or coward but I am still scared of losing her and I am contented with the present situation that I am her best buddy.”

Ashwin, Fashion Photographer

“I was heartbroken, I called off my wedding due to some personal issues and I locked myself in a room. I hate meeting friends and relatives; they made me feel so pitiable and looked at me with those eyes as I am a puppy begging for food on their door. Meanwhile, I didn’t have anything to do to kill my time so, I started chatting because it was so comfortable to meet people who don’t know anything about you and who can listen to you. I met this guy whose chat ID was bond007, he was willing to listen to me. I explode my heart on my chat and he patiently listened to me. Then he kept coming back to same time and without any planning, we started chatting (almost every day). He started giving me tasks like my first task was to stand in front of the mirror and say “hey beautiful, I love you”. I know it sounds stupid but it was a great start, for next 30 days, he kept giving me tasks and I felt more confident. I am again in form and I stepped out of my room. He gave me the courage to face myself and he did it for nothing. I was not paying him but he just did it to make a stranger smile. I still feel warmth in my heart for him.”

Charly Milton, Accessory Designer

“I was only 15 years old, I know there were few girls in my class who could be my girlfriend but all I wanted was Mrs. Jones, my English lecturer. I used to look at her without a blink. She was too pretty to be a teacher. I kept all my English home/classwork up to date. She was polite and very nice. I used to send her anonymous cards and letters. One day she called me in the staffroom and hand me over my recent love letter that I wrote to her and that letter was bleeding with a red pen. She marked all mistakes and gave it back to me. She advised me, “I am your teacher, just like your mother. You make mistakes; I’ll correct them because you are my son”. Since that day my love took a shape of respect. She was the best teacher I ever had.”

Abhay, CEO

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Ankita Anand:
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