Things We All Do After Break-up….

Crying in front of friends –

The first thing we do after break up is going to our friends and explode out our heart.

The Second stage is hiding tears–

Now you think you had enough flow of your emotions and you try to hold back your tears, but 90% of the time you failed.

Jealous of his/her present partner –

When you know your Ex is with someone else and you hate every bit of your Ex’s partner, you keep talking about their love life instead of thinking about yours.

Sleep mode on –

You are going to avoid all contacts and connection with the outer world and you will hide under the quilt to get away from Ex’s thought. All you want is good long sleep.

Eat like a baby dinosaur –

Are you a person who eats away his/her feeling? It’s not an eating disorder, but after break-up effects. Its ok for some time to heal yourself with eating but don’t take it too far.

Listening to sad songs –

Every sad song is your biography. You relate to every sad song and cry like a little baby lost in the crowd.

Blaming yourself –

This time you going to think it’s all your fault; maybe you are too fat, too ambitious, too co-operative, too naïve, too ugly…..and you keep going to make this opinion about yourself.

Your Passion is to check his FB Account –

Every time you miss your Ex, you are going to check his recent postings and if you find he’s happy, you feel more helpless.

Looking for a new fling –

Now you think, when your Ex is happy with a new partner, why can’t you find one for yourself.

Fake happy single –

Since you don’t have anyone as a fling too. Now you are declaring that your life is rocking as a single but in reality, you want someone to hold you and give you a warm hug.

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Ankita Anand:
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