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I feel like the top of the world, as I am wearing Marc Jacob’s black dress with red pumps and holding a Fendi’s clutch. I am going to rock this party. I feel like an attention seeker, basically, I am a compliment seeker. One of the world’s primary authorities is physical appearance. I think Law of Attraction is meant for physical appearance. When it comes to women, we all want to attract compliments. We wear those pencil fit skirts with super high heels and lock our hands with clutches and purses; it’s all because we want to look different and attractive. Attracting compliments from men is more thrilling and make us feel like a rock star. Let’s talk what men notice in a woman, strictly on look bases.

During my research, I met different men. Some of them were tall, some were cute, and some of them were just too good with their words. It’s fun talking to them and let’s see what I find out.

“I always notice a girl with a Cute face and I don’t like make-up. There’s something very elegant about natural beauty. So I always get attracted to a woman who looks cute and natural.”

– Varun Sharma, Managing Director, 28years

“My eyes get stuck on lips of a woman; I like pouted lips like Angelina Jolie. Every woman I meet whether it’s a business meeting or a normal party introduction, I always see her lips first. It’s kind of most important for me.”

-Zeshane Ahmed, Wild Life Photographer, 31years.

“I like the girl who walks like victoria secret model, girl should have that confidence in her walk that every man should turn his head to look at her once.”

– Omesh Sharma, NRI, 27 years

“I still can’t forget that girl, I was in disc and she was like Beyoncé on the floor. Her moves made me nuts. I never find anybody as attractive as her. She was hot and her bold looks with perfect moves attracted me the most.”

-Sumit Bajaj, Creative Head, 29 years

“I am fan of those sexy slim and naturally carved legs. It’s an instant turn on for me.”

-Emra Deo, Business Head, 30years

“Her smile is one of the first thing that attracts me and Smile is like a trailer. Perfect, well-shaped body is another thing I crave for in a woman.”

-Deno, Head Chef, 36years

“Simplicity and natural beauty. I don’t like plastic dolls. Every woman is attractive.”

-Vaibhav Bakshi, Sales & Marketing Head, 30 years

“Tall height, fair complexion, soft skin, expressive eyes and good dressing up sense. Perfection attracts me.”

-Naman Modi, CEO, 28years

“Girl with hot body and that doesn’t mean too much of assets. I like girl with correct proportions along with sexy cat walk and wild looks. If I find all above Qualities in one girl than attraction is a small word for me.”

-Vivek Sahota, Business Group Owner, 29years

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