Your Lifeline (Parents) Clashes With Love life

When Parents meet Partners

Once upon a time, there was a great home with perfect family. Loving mother, caring father, handsome son and sweet daughter. They all lived there happily in their little kingdom of love.  Then one day that dashing boy met a girl and they fell in love. The boy decided to marry that girl and went to his parents just to take their approval but suddenly that sweet loving kingdom was overshadowed with thick black clouds. Father of the boy looked pale and his mother was already horrified. The presence of that ‘Girl’ made them sick to their knees.

Rest of the story we all know maybe one of your cousin or your friend or your sibling or you yourself had experienced this. Love marriage is still a taboo in our society.  People who are in love or in a relationship, they are like criminals who did something bad (intentionally) to their family. Though 25% of families are OK with their son or daughter having a girlfriend or boyfriend. But rest of the families are still struggling to keep a constant eye on their wards, so they don’t get stumble with opposite sex. Now the big question is how to tell your parents about your girl/boyfriend.  let’s practice these simple rules and hope it helps.

Share your thoughts and feelings with parents

They are just parents, maybe they are short tempered but they can’t ignore your feelings. They may behave in a reluctant manner but at last, they will listen to you.

Don’t start your conversation with the word ‘Love’

Exactly my point, they may not expect this and they will get in shock to hear that you are in love. You can simply phrase your feeling with more simple words like “I am really fond of this girl”.

Always keep your tone neutral when you talking about your Love life

Too much excitement will give a negative impact that this is just a fun part of your life and if you going to sound low they will assume you are not happy.

Tell them about some qualities of her and her name

Just in case, if they don’t know her. Tell them what she does and why you like her. Start with her name for example. Mom dad, you remember Claire from last summer camp. Something like this will work.

Be Confident about your choice

Yes you are in love and that’s not a crime, in fact, it’s a great feeling so tell them in the most proud way.

Show them a picture of her

Let them get visually prepared for her.

Be ready for Cross Questioning

They can ask you a lot of question, some of them could be annoying, keep calm and answer them very patiently.

Handle your parents with care

They may not like you being in a relationship, so they won’t allow you to have a relationship. But keep your head cool and wait for another moment when they are ready to accept it.

#  #  Trust Yourself…..

You Can Handle anything #  #

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Ankita Anand:
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